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Over  10  years completing Gardening and Landscaping projects.. 

Here at 'Maisies Gardens' we can provide you with our 'complete gardening and landscaping service' whatever the requirements!, we work throughout the West Midlands, Worcestershire and Warwickshire, we are always keen to accept new customers and help you with your projects.

All of our services are available to both 'residential and commercial' customers, no request is too small!.

Why use 'Maisies Gardens'?

We believe that we provide a niche and complete service, our expertise, values and craftsmanship in both 'hard & soft landscaping' including project design and construction, general construction inclusive of masonry allows us to accept all projects requests. We're a small family business which gives its advantages of our quotations being competitive, our portfolio including a supply of customers references are readily available at your request.

Value for money..

We have spent many years building up trusted suppliers allowing us to supply you with the most prestigious materials available to us, our labour and supply costs are competitive right from the start along with the advantage of reliable deliveries to help meet completion dates.

Every project is carefully thought of so your budget is met with maximum effort to ensure the project finish is completed to a high standard, our prices are reasonable because we have lower overheads compared to our competitors. . 

Spending wisely on your garden can make a great investment and can potentially help raise the overall value of your property, the cost per sqr mtr is lower on your garden compared to cost per sqr mtr in construction, so in return your getting more for your money!.

Maisies Gardens Landscapes will allow your vision to become a reality.