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Wildlife Ponds and Modern Water Feature Construction

Here at 'Maisies Gardens ' we will help you with the design, style and creation of your very own wildlife pond and water feature for your garden and depending on your design the pond can have fish and a water feature, the list really is endless... 

No matter what garden size you have, we can design and construct your pond to fit anywhere into your garden, with the location and size in mind we will select the correct materials that will work with your garden and to the projects requirements. 

Why have a wildlife pond?

The combination of water and aquatic plants creates an attractive habitat for frogs, dragonflies and aquatic insects,  as well as offering cover for fish. Native plants will attract local insects but any exotic non-invasive water plants will be beneficial to frogs, toads and newts. If there is room we can introduce a small waterfall to create the splash and moisture ideal for growing ferns and mosses at the pond edge, we will introduce materials within the design and construction ensuring your pond to have a natural style and finish.

Contact us now to see how we can help you with your wildlife pond. 

Our options list has a variety of products to add to your pond and water feature including Lighting, variable water flow, remote controlled switch on and so on..


Some pictures of baby 'Crested Newts' in our own pond, amazing!

Please view our completed ponds and water features that we have created below.

Pictures of our very own wildlife pond that we completed in June 2020

Becs Pond

This pond was created for our customer, it was constructed into a unused area allowing them the benefits of a pond without losing garden space, we used Caledonian Stones to give it a natural finish and we was very pleased to install another wildlife pond.

Suzanne's Pond

We have worked on Suzanne's garden over the years maintaining the grounds and looking after this amazing pond, we replaced the liner a few years ago and within a couple of weeks of the new liner being installed the frogs and newts returned home, we always look forward to working on this pond 🐸

Dawn's Water Feature 

After the consultation and our design being presented the customer awarded us with this project, the design was contemporary and included a water feature focal point using a 600mm stainless steel blade.

Mrs Tickles Pond

This pond was left unfinished, we was asked by the customer to complete the pond with what materials was available and the results was amazing, we managed to uncover the beautiful water lilly and the pond is already filled with frogs and newts so we had to be extra careful while carrying out the works.

Mrs C's Garden

This project was a complete makeover,  we constructed this  three tier pond that was compatible for both wildlife and fish.